I’m DONE! I’m so done! Just…love me. <3

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That’s right all my blogs on this account are on Hiatus. I just need a break.


Harley’s Weapon o’ Choice by SaraRichard

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Hey, this is one of my graphics. Please don’t repost art without credit.

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They keep the photo.

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( new avengers vol. 1 #48 /// captain marvel vol. 7 #10 )

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Wonder Woman pt 7. ~

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imagine having a tattoo like that

#tattoos in the wizarding world

i would totally get a magic tattoo


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In a great hall with pillars hewn out of the living stone sat the Elvenking on a chair of carven wood. On his head was a crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn was come again. In the spring he wore a crown of woodland flowers. In his hand he held a carven staff of oak.

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